Dog training services

At Laska Dog Training, we take the stress out of training to turn your dog into a four-legged superstar. Whether you’re after private coaching or prefer us to take the leash, our comprehensive packages are designed for lasting results.

Our Services

Day Training

Homeschooling your dog for three weeks

Sessions / $ 2,300
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Private Training

Private sessions to coach you and your dog

Sessions / $ 1,900
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Jump Start Consultation

A private session to discuss training needs, behavior, and suitable packages

Minutes / $ 175
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Day training

Experience the ultimate convenience with Day Training! 

If you constantly wish for more hours in your day, our unique ‘home-schooling’ packages are the solution. Trainer Johanna will come to your home and train your dog for you - you don’t even need to be there! Your dog will learn a range of skills for easy-living with your dog, tailored to your needs. Each week ends with a handover session, showcasing your dog's progress so you can enjoy the results.


Puppy School package

Let’s face it - puppies are exhausting.

Set your puppy up for a great start in life, without the pressure of time-constraints. This package focuses on socialization and addressing common puppy problems, including potty training, jumping up, chewing, and biting. It includes socialization field trips so your puppy is comfortable with new people, dogs and environments. Your puppy will also be introduced to crate training, body handling, and learn cues such as Sit, Down, Come, Stay, and Drop It. 

Invest in your dream future dog with our Our Puppy School Day Training package!

Rowdy School package

Is your teenage dog or new rescue just a bit much

Our Rowdy School package is for dogs in need of extra guidance! Designed with young dogs in mind, we’ll help your dog improve their manners both indoors and outdoors. This package addresses common issues such as jumping, mouthing and excitability while strengthening cues like Sit, Down, Come, Stay, and Leave It. Based on your needs, Rowdy School also covers leash manners, reactivity, impulse control, and managing resource guarding.

Confidence School package

Do you have a fearful dog struggling to cope with busy city life?

We focus on helping your dog feel secure and build their confidence and coping skills. We resolve problem behaviors related to body and leash handling, while also introducing basic manners to help your dog navigate tricky situations. Our aim is to help your dog thrive in a range of settings, giving you (and them) the confidence to shine.

How Day Training Packages Work

Day Training packages include a training plan followed by a three-week program:


Training Sessions

Johanna trains your dog 3 training sessions (60 mins) a week for 3 weeks


Handover Sessions

Johanna shares progress and teaches you to continue training once a week for 3 weeks


Follow up

after the 3 weeks of training: 2 x 60 min follow-up sessions to help you stay on track

$ 2,300

14 sessions total

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Private Training

Unleash your inner dog trainer!

Got a new puppy or dog and don’t know where to start? Struggling with a nervous or reactive dog? Our private training package helps you take the lead on training. Trainer Johanna will coach you through a variety of exercises tailored to you and your dog. With her expertise, you’ll gain the skills needed for a harmonious and joyful life with your four-legged friend.

Ten-week training program


Training Sessions

One training session per week. Johanna coaches you and your dog (10 sessions total, 60 mins each). Customized training plan with homework instructions to complete each week.

$ 1,900

10 sessions total

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Let’s get training

Start your training journey with Laska Dog Training by booking a Jumpstart Consultation.


Jump Start Consultation

60 min

$ 175
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